Update from Kate!

Kate's Update

Kate, Quinn​ & Declan

Kate's 2021 Update

It’s hard to believe it has been eight months since the 3rd Annual Brendan Hanrahan Memorial Golf Outing – Social Distanced edition! Life has definitely been slower-paced over the past year, but we’ve managed to stay busy.

Declan moved to a new school for 1st grade in the fall and handled that transition, as well as going between e-learning and in-person learning all school year, like a champ. He was finally able to start baseball this spring and is really enjoying it. Quinn turned 4 in March and she is looking forward to starting preschool in the fall – she’s already packed her backpack with important items like a doll, one piece of computer paper and some play food from her kitchen 😉. She is excited to get back to gymnastics this summer.

We have missed the holidays with extended family over the past year and hope Easter was our last “Covid holiday”. This has been a year of uncertainty, change and resilience for much of the world; we continue to be grateful for the love and support we receive from so many.

We hope that you & yours are safe & healthy and we look forward to seeing you on August 6!💚

Kate Hanrahan