Remembering Brendan

Remembering Brendan

Friends and family are encouraged to share their fond or funny memories of Brendan. Please click here to share your favorite memories and even include your favorite photo!
Your submission will be shared with the family, preserved for Declan and Quinn and may even be featured on this page. 

“Brendan was the type of person you just wanted to be around.”

“From volleyball to street fests to golf trips to watching games at the bar, I could always count on you to make me smile.

“He looked after me like a brother.”

“He had so many friends who valued his guidance, seeked out his presence and genuinely loved him.”

“If you golfed with Brendan, you always wanted to be his partner.  If you played with Brendan, you always played your best!  It never failed. He was such an uplifting person and made you feel better, you couldn’t help but have a good day!”

“When it comes to Brendan there will always be two things that come to mind, his love for the White Sox and Notre Dame, and for golf.”

“His laugh was distinct and contagious. Many times he was the only one laughing at my jokes.”

“Brendan always helped those in need. His generosity never ceased to amaze me.”