The Hanrahan Family

Kate's Spring 2020 Update

The time has flown since the 2019 Brendan Hanrahan Memorial Golf Outing. Declan started Kindergarten in the fall and he really enjoys school. Math is his favorite subject - after recess & PE, of course! He must have inherited the math skills from Brendan because he certainly didn’t get them from me! Declan enjoys ninja class and hopefully he will start baseball this spring. We made the most out of the snowy Halloween and celebrated Declan’s 6th birthday in November. We enjoyed the unseasonably warm Christmas with family, and Declan started the new year in the Dells with Aunt Bridge, Uncle Jeff, Emmett & William. In February, we went to Arizona to visit my aunt & grandma with my mom. The kids were huge fans of the Phoenix Zoo and warm temps for playing at the parks. Declan also had the honor of being the ring bearer at Brendan’s friend Rob’s wedding in Mesa! It was a beautiful wedding and we know Brendan was with us in spirit. Quinn turned 3 in March. She loves princesses, playing with her kitchen & doing puzzles. She is in full “threenager” mode, which has made the global pandemic stay-at-home experience interesting! We hope that you & yours are safe & healthy during this crazy time and we look forward to seeing you on August 7! 💚

Kate Hanrahan